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Working on poetry!

Ripple Poetry

Arrival of a mentor text

My next poetry work doesn’t have a title. It;s a work in progress, drawing on my life, sense of being in the world and Australia as a woman of colour, a lover of actions beyond words, and just to make sense of this thing we call prejudice. It might include photographs, memoir, metaphor, lyricism, and is inspired by the many poets in the world, who in someway might lead me on my own journey, to understand why I write, where I am going and who I might become if I choose.

June Perkins

All the mentor texts gathered!

So you might ask yourself why do you write?

Do you like the idea of it?

Do you like the idea of an author?

Or do you write to understand

to release

the tough memories

so they dance until they make sense

so the transcend you and…

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Magic Fish Dreaming

Come hunt for – green tree frogs, geckos, and magic fish.

 Watch out for crocodiles and cane toads.

 Come to the land of the ultimate faraway tree.

 . . . Come hunt for poems from Midgenoo to Mirriwini





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International Call for Artists

This is a great project. Why not work on your own submission.

Michele D'Acosta



The theme for The Peace Project‘s 4th Annual Call for Artists is “Peace, Love & Understanding.”

This international juried art competition and exhibition connects peace-minded individuals everywhere in the pursuit of a better world that art can help create.

I wish to invite all the amazing artists and bloggers on WordPress to submit your vision of “Peace, Love & Understanding” to this art competition that I’ve been involved with since its inception in 2010.


Best of Show $1,000 Cash
Peace Maker Awards (2) $ 300 Cash
Color Awards (5) Art Set (valued at $200) compliments of Prismacolor
Inspiration Awards (7) 2013 Commemorative Peace Project Book
All awardees will also receive a copy of The Best of Elvis Costello, which includes his track (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding.


Deadline for submissions is 2pm, USA Pacific Time, August 16th, 2013.


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Now and Then; Series 2 comes to Tully

abcopen_workshop_film 036
Participants and producers preparing for a now and then photo

So yesterday it was time to walk around Tully to take our Now and Then photos.  We prepared for the task in the morning at a workshop with ABC Open producers, Michael Bromage and Leandro Palacio.  They showed examples, and took everyone through the steps of what we needed to do.   It was during this process we were delighted by a walking history storybook of knowledge of the area, Jean.  She knew so many things having lived in Tully since she was a young girl.  I think she would give the most brilliant guided tour to visitors.

Local librarians were on hand to find and give us more background to old pictures as well, to assist us to make those dates of the then photographs accurate. But what a wonder to see all Jean’s kodak box pictures, many of which are in the local library collection, but we got to see the originals not just the scans.

We were asked to participate in a mini video documentary of the day, and to tell our stories of the photographs to camera.  The story doesn’t end there as some participants, much to their surprise, were also asked to have a go at sound recording and were given many tips on many types of storytelling, photographs, to video and blogs.   Jean was such a wealth of knowledge that she became a star storyteller, and there is no other way to describe her contribution other than generous and brilliant.

The group for the day were warm, funny and open to learning. They shared laughs, and took to the task with enthusiasm and zest. They are definitely going to tell all their friends about how much they enjoyed the experience.

All the participants contributed well and got right into the spirit of the day.  They were energised and keen to learn more about everything the producers had to share.  Some participants didn’t have email before the workshop and made little use of the internet but now they think they will.  They were happy to hear our local library gives two free hours a week to locals with library cards to make use of the internet each week.

Participants look forward to seeing the documentary about their history walk of Tully, some of it recent and some going back half a century.  They collaborated not only with producers, but with each other, to produce some contributions – already uploaded to ABC Open. 

You can see my documentation of the workshop HERE.

Thankyou ABC Open for a great day!

Tully Church Lady Sees Change
My now and then photograph completed..

She sees change, after cyclone Yasi the broken buildings just hinted at in the photo.

Now a year on the church is gone, containers hold some of her memories and she will soon witness a rebuild.

Unity Feet


The Unity Feet installation completed during National Poetry Week is reinstalled at the Enviro Centre, C4 Mission Beach.

There are many wonderful creations of words and drawings of children reflecting on their virtues and how to care for the world, its animals and natural environment and themselves.



This will be on display until December 7th so if you are passing Mission Beach go in and have a look.

More of the poetry ripple wall is on display at the Tourism information centre in Tully and also at the Mission Beach library.

‘Unity Feet’