Magic Fish Dreaming

Come hunt for – green tree frogs, geckos, and magic fish.  Watch out for crocodiles and cane toads.  Come to the land of the ultimate faraway tree.  . . . Come hunt for poems from Midgenoo to Mirriwini ** WE HAVE MADE IT!  GREEN LIGHT TO THE PROJECT JUST 4 DAYS TO GO! TO MAKE ITContinue reading “Magic Fish Dreaming”

International Call for Artists

Originally posted on Michele D'Acosta:
PEACE, LOVE & UNDERSTANDING The theme for The Peace Project‘s 4th Annual Call for Artists is “Peace, Love & Understanding.” This international juried art competition and exhibition connects peace-minded individuals everywhere in the pursuit of a better world that art can help create. I wish to invite all the…

Now and Then; Series 2 comes to Tully

So yesterday it was time to walk around Tully to take our Now and Then photos.  We prepared for the task in the morning at a workshop with ABC Open producers, Michael Bromage and Leandro Palacio.  They showed examples, and took everyone through the steps of what we needed to do.   It was during thisContinue reading “Now and Then; Series 2 comes to Tully”

Unity Feet

The Unity Feet installation completed during National Poetry Week is reinstalled at the Enviro Centre, C4 Mission Beach. There are many wonderful creations of words and drawings of children reflecting on their virtues and how to care for the world, its animals and natural environment and themselves. This will be on display until December 7thContinue reading “Unity Feet”