The Fast 4th March 2015

It’s early days in the fast, but I have just  had a set back and found out I am not allowed to do the fluid part.  I will have to drink water due to my psoriasis still being an issue even though it is vastly improved. It’s in remission and so much better but itContinue reading “The Fast 4th March 2015”

The Rose of Good Health

In a quest for wellness, and a past quest for my son’s sleeplessness as a babe – I  have found specifically recommended alternative health practitioners life savers.  After exhausting all other options first, I have turned to them for assistance, but perhaps I should have consulted them at the same time.  Easy to see thatContinue reading “The Rose of Good Health”

Turning a Corner with a soundtrack of wellness and persistence

For those of you following my wellness quest with the psoriasis I am pleased to report that the first two weeks of working with fixing my diet, exercising more, taking vitamin D and zinc, and daily using a cleanser and ointment, has led to a dramatic improvement. The redness has dramatically decreased in area andContinue reading “Turning a Corner with a soundtrack of wellness and persistence”

Journey to Put the Monster to Sleep

The Wellness journey with psoriasis begins. Yesterday I went to receive some new health advice at a specialist clinic which treats people without drugs or light therapy as predominantly used by many skin specialists. I came away with a list of foods I am to now not eat, which are considered to be primary triggers.Continue reading “Journey to Put the Monster to Sleep”

Like it or Not: Golden Brown Skin and Frizzy Hair

Thinking about this months ABC Open 500 words theme  Like it or Not  inspired me to write this prose poem. I wonder what contributors are going to make of this month’s theme.   I look forward to reading their stories.   I was born golden brown with hair thick and frizzy. I used to thinkContinue reading “Like it or Not: Golden Brown Skin and Frizzy Hair”