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34 pages of art, story and poetry on Queensland drawn from June Perkins blogs and including some never before shown art.

All part of a journey of learning by doing, more ebooks, coffee table books, prints, and other books to nurture the soul etc on the way.  

All sales go to support June continuing her arts practice and production of more works.

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Nature Diary: In the Country with the Perkins’s

Backyard visitor – June Perkins


I want to remember what it was like to live out near the cane, on the way to a waterfall, where the wallabies, goannas and bandicoots roam.

We have had wallabies come visiting in the back yard. They run around until they work their way to front gate and hop out again.

The other day we saw a massive goanna with two young ones. She was enormous!  I wonder if they’ll be back and what they are eating.

At night the bandicoots keep finding their way under the house, and make a huge racket. Wish we would secure down there better so they would go somewhere else.

One of the saddest things was recently seeing two wagtails lose their baby which fell out of its nest.

We couldn’t take it away from them as they were so distressed and crying, but they also couldn’t take it back to the nest it had fallen from.  They hung around for hours before they gave up.  The baby bird tried to fly so hard!  Not sure where it ended up.

We watched as they kept swooping down and feeding it.

Quandry save it and then release, or let the parents say goodbye to their baby.

We lost a quail to a cat, and its partner who was safe in another cage with a baby, didn’t see it dead, and therefore kept crying for the return of its partner.

We realised we should have just presented its dead partner to it on death’s door for parting goodbyes. Our surviving quail cried for months and months. It used to make me feel so sad for her.

Two of our other quails were eaten by a snake.  We saw the bumps in its tummy as the snake collector came and took it away.

I think that’s why I left the baby in the garden for the parents to say goodbye too. The children imagine it was taken back to the nest by magic.
It’s very sad.

When the cane was burned, one side effect was flocks of rats, climbing the trees.  Sounds like something for a fantasy novel doesn’t it.  I hate rats!!  Thankfully I think we’re on top of that issue.  Imagine if we had a cat, I am not sure if it would be fat, or rat attacked!

The cruelty, tragedy and joy of natural life.

I am so glad we have guinea pigs!  Although we have super proofed their cages to keep the snakes away and worry they might still find a way to get in they are very clever things.

State Elections Country Style

Easter Raffle Goods - June Perkins
Easter Raffle Goods – June Perkins

Election Day Queensland will be a day for me to remember conversations about Mum’s transitioning back into the work forces, how many creative people live in Murray Upper (potters, artists, and writers) and telling true inspiring tales of my Mum from Papua New Guinea.

It will also be a day to remember the enterprising nature of P and C Mums who have spent the last day baking cakes to raise money for their kid’s schools.

I love talking with Mums who are further along in the process than me, especially as I have a teenager who is going to be at university soon.  It is comforting to gain some prior advice and speak with people who know what I am going through right now.

There is something about the teenage years where youth enter a time of growth, freedom and identity formation that is their future.  Parents are learning how to be wings beneath wings and let their kids fly into their futures without making too many mistakes.  We’re both safety nets, coaches, and needing to let go parents and sometimes we need a team of community mentors to help us through this time.

Being a youth in the country has its own special challenges and its important to understand these when you live here.  One being employment opportunities for young people if they want to remain living in the country.

Country MPs lead an interesting life, and the best make it to all the local community events.  They open fetes, exhibitions, launches, and stand up for schools losing their music programs or dental vans.   Once they are there and active it is hard to imagine them moving on very often as people become used to people they trust being there.

It is less about politics and more about being a part of the community.  If only all governing was done more along these lines then we might have a country where cynicism about political processes and parties began to diminish.

Does all governing need to be tied to the idea of partisan politics?  Should it be more about principles, consultation and good governance?  What do you think?

Cake Stall Sign – Taken by June Perkins

(c) June Perkins