Books from our Backyard

It was amazing to be at the Poinciana Lounge, when it was  full to the brim of Queensland books, authors, family, friends and literary supporters; double the amount of last year too. A big thankyou to Queensland Writers Centre for creating a catalogue of Queensland books which goes out to libraries and others to promoteContinue reading “Books from our Backyard”

Pearlz Dreaming – Ebook Collections

34 pages of art, story and poetry on Queensland drawn from June Perkins blogs and including some never before shown art. All part of a journey of learning by doing, more ebooks, coffee table books, prints, and other books to nurture the soul etc on the way.   All sales go to support June continuingContinue reading “Pearlz Dreaming – Ebook Collections”

Nature Diary: In the Country with the Perkins’s

  I want to remember what it was like to live out near the cane, on the way to a waterfall, where the wallabies, goannas and bandicoots roam. We have had wallabies come visiting in the back yard. They run around until they work their way to front gate and hop out again. The otherContinue reading “Nature Diary: In the Country with the Perkins’s”