I Choose Love

I choose love, not hate;I hear Martin Luther King knocking at the door. I choose poetry, deny so called fateI hear so many poets as they roar. Maya Angelou says, ‘be the rainbowin someone else’s cloud.’ I am a rainbow and I forgive, but still callfor injustice to be ploughed. Mahatma Ghandi shows people howContinue reading “I Choose Love”

Diving into creativity, changing perspectives

  At the moment I am working on three short stories;  one about homelessness, another racism of the insidious subtle kind, and the last one introduces and captures a deep thinker trapped  in his falling apart (but maybe he can put it back together) country life. But these themes whilst they appear deep and meaningfulContinue reading “Diving into creativity, changing perspectives”

The Power of Excellence and Dolls: Piece 14

My idea of beauty as I grew up was fair skin, straight blonde hair and green or blue eyes. Why did I choose the opposite of my own curly dark hair, dark skin, and brown eyes? Are we naturally inclined to opposites, or was I being shaped by the popular culture around me?  I wasContinue reading “The Power of Excellence and Dolls: Piece 14”