Country Boys and Country Girls

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Image by June Perkins A song lyric Country boys and country girls dream more than sugar cane. Country boys and country girls want more than endless rain. They’re picking stars from skies above. They’re catching pieces of the moonlight. They’re running to the canopies of light. Country boys and country…

Shoeful of Rain

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
Shoes and Blossoms – June Perkins “A shoeful of rain. a heart full of friendship: imagining a world connected with strands of love.” Above are some thoughts after meeting up with a friend at a cafe to talk about life, art, dreams – in our extremely busy schedules.…

Rain, I Write it, Live in it

Rain – I write it, live in it, love it and sometimes fear it and want to escape. Like it or not, it’s an inescapable part of North Queensland life. Rain can flood, trap, enclose and invite pieces of writing from within. Rain refreshes, reminds and reflects moods. I taste the rain and all it touchesContinue reading “Rain, I Write it, Live in it”