Writing to a Request: Saturday Writing Sagas 3

lost home2
Lost Home – June Perkins

It was a simple enough last minute request to, ‘write something about Queensland,’ or find something  I’d already written suitable for an upcoming book.

Yet it was complicated when I went through the nest of all my old pieces.  Travel log pieces for my blog, seemed too Royal Automobile Club magazine and some of my blogs were so event specific.

My poems seemed dreamy and less place based than a state, and many pieces that might have worked, including a piece on how we first came to Queensland were already published, or are about to be included in a new book, so there was no excuse I had to find inspiration to write something new.

Now you think all the 500 words theme practice would have me spinning something off my writing loom in a hurry, but the idea took a few days to eventuate.  I had to take a break from the clutter that is social media too and put up a ‘gone writing’ sign.  Really need to do that more often.

I knew I was looking for a balance of personal, epic, theme base, state base.  And then as often happens one morning  it made it out, all in one go too, to the word processer.

Now it sits and can be edited.  Have I made the deadline?  Maybe, maybe not, but I do have a piece I am happier with and would rather miss the cut than have something immortalised in print that I skimmed past every time I saw that book.

Time to email it, and if I have missed the deadline I think I have an idea for somewhere else it can be used.