Words and Pictures Reviewed by Renee Hills

Review of June Perkins’s Words and Pictures Tour (Queensland Art Gallery, Sept-November 2018) French artist Edgar Degas (1834 – 1917) famously said ‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’. This was truly my experience when I joined June Perkins’s tour of Words & Pictures. June’s interactive journey through the AustralianContinue reading “Words and Pictures Reviewed by Renee Hills”

A Quest of the Most Wondrous Kind

Magic Fish Dreaming is a quest of the most wondrous kind, entreating young readers and old alike to venture forth into nature and their imaginations. It is an invitation to spend time with the ancients and experience a taste of our country through poem and illustration. As readers journey through the collection, they unearth secretsContinue reading “A Quest of the Most Wondrous Kind”

A Poet’s Review of Magic Fish Dreaming

  In secret spots, hidden pools, fields of sugar cane and tangled rainforests, June Perkins and Helene Magisson’s enchantingly illustrated poetic adventure, Magic Fish Dreaming, delves into the delights of the Wet Tropics, where poems are waiting to be caught by children curious enough to notice and question. Beginning with a hunt for a giggleContinue reading “A Poet’s Review of Magic Fish Dreaming”

What people are saying about After Yasi

Originally posted on After Yasi:
  I took the time to read your book. I’m so impressed by the photographs you took. Most have smiling faces amidst the ruins of the cyclone. It’s so sad to think that a tragedy reminds us what is important. Family, community, music, smiles, and pictures. Many people who lose their…

The Light and Shade of Life in Who Shaped Me

The light and shade of life is reflected in many of the current ABC Open Who Shaped Me contributions. Not everyone is happy with the person who shaped them.  They have moulded themselves into an opposite. For instance read Just Jane’s initially bleak Driving Away from Darkness , a damning portrait of a relative which has me thinkingContinue reading “The Light and Shade of Life in Who Shaped Me”