Scribble Leaves

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Scribble Leaves – June Perkins What does the writing on the leaves mean? Who put it there? Insect, human or Great Spirit? Hugging Heritage – June Perkins Wrap your arms around green life. Wrap your arms around the source of your breath. Wrap yourself into the story of the carving. (c) June Perkins…

Animated Dream Walker

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Walking through images of the mind treading the pathways of a dream spinning in the world created by a moving thought resulting from a burning of fingers of the heart, continues the wanderer. Once journeying begins it can never end . . . intoxication has set in. (c) June Perkins…

Shadows into Light

There are days when you can play with shadows to see the light you can find these on journeys past cane and fallen down trees. Life has corners you can’t see twists and turns still photography. Sometimes we don’t see connections We go and miss the shimmering. Sometimes we don’t see the beauty We’ve forgottenContinue reading “Shadows into Light”


Hellos of the human race Are wayfarers in outer space Searching into future time Reaching memories so sublime. Wayfarers in shifting space Mix Dylan’s songs of human race Dancing with the dust of stars To the future we might be bizarre? Hellos circle stars and moon Humanity longs for a cocoon As child soldier hidesContinue reading “Wayfarer”

Owen Allen – Poets Are Pebbles – Ripple Workshop

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Water Pebbles – June Perkins Introduction Poetry is telling about something in our life. Poets look closely at life around them. Poets try to tell about life they see, or hear, or feel, or move through. Poets also tell something new about what they experience. Poets also try to imagine…