Writing and Creativity Rituals

  My quest for stillness continues and part of the journey is to find a ritual that will help my daily creativity.   I am at a workshop in Sydney with an Indigenous Canadian, and she is talking to me about ritual and centering when one engages in any creative act, be it dancing, writing,Continue reading “Writing and Creativity Rituals”

Listening Divas – A Family Ritual Contribution

You can find Listening Divas over at the ABC Open project 500 words. It’s day one of the project and we already have twenty contributions.  These began coming in this last week. There are some beautiful stories arriving into the space.  My present favourite has to be Helen’s Puftalons.   The combination of rain, food, and overcomingContinue reading “Listening Divas – A Family Ritual Contribution”

Backyard Dreaming

Family Rituals is the next theme for ABC Open’s 500 Words. Thinking of summer coming up and family – I couldn’t help but think and write of our many games of cricket! What are your family rituals?   Backyard waits. The lawn’s mowed to resemble the perfect cricket green of our imagination. Bats out. Reality. Continue reading “Backyard Dreaming”