Rope Walker

Blogging one of my chapbooks from many years ago. Here is the first piece from Shadow Puppets.

Ripple Poetry

19406485340_607c01acd1_o Cliffs, Byron Bay – June Perkins

Found some old poetry chap books I made for friends when I was in my twenties and thirties, so will be sharing some of the work from them but updating it just a little if necessary.

Valley of rocks
reveal a playground
for the wedge-tailed  pretender.

Legend tempts her
to find the air
with fruit bat wings.

Her mercurial feet
gain courageous

She mocks the air
brushes the rope
now super grips it.

Soft touch again

She dances
a tribute to the cherubs
throws away her training net
glides to the other side

to leave those chariots chanting
we’ll carry you home another day.

(c) June Perkins

Extract from Shadow Puppets p.1

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