Mr Kidd’s Twelfth Night:Piece 9

Riverside High, the early 1980s – I’m dropping my books, and about to head into Mr Kidd’s class. Mr Kidd is notoriously scary for those who don’t have him as a teacher. He is seen as the hardest task master in the whole school.  He doesn’t give high marks easily.  He comes across as grumpy.Continue reading “Mr Kidd’s Twelfth Night:Piece 9”

Wonder a day 20: Prose is Walking, Poetry is Dancing

Continuation of interview with Hazel Menehira Today’s wonder is words – I love them for what they convey, and authors like to play with them, and poets like to rhyme and make music with them.  So the conversation with Hazel continues and touches upon readers and writers – there are many links to follow asContinue reading “Wonder a day 20: Prose is Walking, Poetry is Dancing”