After Yasi 4 year Anniversary – nearly here

February 2nd in Australia. It’s been  weekend of reviews and this morning a profound chat with Ali. Tomorrow it will be 4 years since Cyclone Yasi made landfall.  Presently Tropical Cyclone Ola looks like it won’t be too much hassle.  One of our sources of information during Yasi, other than the BOM site and ABC,Continue reading “After Yasi 4 year Anniversary – nearly here”

Photographing Tully

I’ve been out and about photographing Tully events again. To see pictures of the Tully Biggest Morning Tea Event at the library you can visit.  Tully’s Biggest Morning Tea. This is one of my favourites of the day.  It’s of one of our wonderful local library staff  and a dear friend making sure the teaContinue reading “Photographing Tully”

Final Selections, March Flies and Anchors

Preparing for an exhibition is like preparing for a birth – only you know the exact date (not a rough estimate give or take a few) and you have to meet it. Everyone is there to watch, not just your partner or other nominated birthing coach.  The contractions of an exhibition are strong – timeContinue reading “Final Selections, March Flies and Anchors”