The Smile of this Land

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We are one — we are the smile of this land
Taking our children for a run along the sands
No more waiting gonna change just what we can
I don’t wanna see tears running through millions of hands
We are one — we are the smile of this land

Children turning away from the soldiers that taunt
Human shields looking for other places to haunt
You see my hearts sick of breakin’
And this land thinks it must be wakin’
We are one — we are the smile of this land

soon we will sing
Soon We Will Sing – By June Perkins

No more trouble gonna change just what we can
Don’t wanna see more blood in these millions of hands
A mother takin’ protection wherever she can
A young man lying in a hospital bed ’cause of what he said

And this one said that he can’t change it
but she knows he can
you just gotta give more than you wanna take
gotta care for more than just your own sake

We are one — we are the smile of this land
Taking our children for a run along the sands
It’s time for healing
It’s a time for hope
Tracking through the night along the midnight coast

For we are one, we are the smile of this town
Knowing our children are important as people of renown.

You see my hearts sick of breakin’
And this land must be wakin’
We are one, we are the smile of this land

(c) June Perkins – gumbootspearlz, song lyric

Beach Ramble – June Perkins

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A Day for Happiness

universal smile (:

It’s international happiness day and on facebook someone at Red Cross asks me what makes me smile.

Solua Middleton blogs about what a genuine smile looks like and what made her smile.

So putting my best smiley face on, and finding a family picture that really makes me grin (see above) this is what I came up with.

What makes me smile and feel happy:

1) My children and hubby laughing
2) Seeing long lost and new friends for surprise visits
3) Watching a stand up comic like Arge Barker, who makes me laugh and think
4) Taking a photograph I am proud of
5) Having something published, read and enjoyed
6) Beautiful nature – butterflies, waterfalls, greenery
7) Our pet guinea pigs antics, especially Chocolate ‘the character’
8) Reading a funny book, seeing funny art- comics
9) Good clean drinking water
10)The End of Bullying

1) Practical steps to world peace and inner peace
2) Harmony at school, workplace, home, Australia (unity in diversity harmony not through all being the SAME).
3) Step to end world hunger
4) The achievement of world literacy
5) The achievement of world health
6) The end of bullying
7) People who care about others
8) People who try to make the world a better place
9) Great writers
10)Great film makers

Happiness, expressed in a smile, is amazing and can make others smile, but happiness through connection, security, safety, creativity now that’s the ultimate.

Have you ever just looked at someone and seen their smile reach right down to their toes!  They positively beam! Now that’s a smile.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a whole decade or century of happiness, rather than a day, a month, or a year.  But perhaps it is the ups and downs of life that make us aware of what truly makes us happy.

But wouldn’t it be true world happiness to have everyone be happy because they had the same opportunities, and access to a reasonable standard of living.

Here are two local people who always make me smile when I see them!

They listen, care and ask after family and they also care about their community.

australiaday first day perkins 012-007