Words to Music – Lamp Lighters

Ripple Poetry

Stories Break

A loving couple separated
and no compassion forthcoming.
What will happen to their future
as his flowers never reach her
is detention all there is?

Indigenous children tortured
gassed and tied
not given hope or rehabilitation
and the past seems full of lies.

So much invisible
until the stories break

And the stories break
my heart
the stories break
my day
the stories make me
want to say:

Time to be a lamplighter
lamplighter of justice
lamplighter of love
lamplighter of unity.

(c) June Perkins

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Secrets to Living your Best Life

Thank you Maya Angelou
now gone to be universal ancestor
so glad you leave your words to guide
the people’s hearts away
from hate
to the very best they can be
to become empowered social participants
who see ancestors –
who were the rainbows in their clouds
who paved the way for the people
they would become.

They could not see who they would become
the music they would make
the poets they would foster
the roads they would build
the fields they would reap
the rise of their souls beyond –

the slavery that was theirs
and she says we need to name those
who were our origins
who were the rainbows
the foundation of who we would become
and listening to her wisdom
I name them:

she is Paisa in her village
racked with tuberculosis
and she sings of far off grandchild or bubu.
She never sees bubu when
bubu leaves Papua New Guinea’s shores.

He is a miner in England
struggling to make ends meet
I do not know his name
great grandfather striving –

so his children
can escape this life –

and in the future their worlds will join
and their descendants
will lead the world into

where rainbow families dance into
the light.

(c) June Perkins



Sydney siege, news of school children in Pakistan, news of children’s bodies in Cairns. It seems that the tide of violence is coming more and more to our attention.

No just society can ignore when so many of its members are lost to it.

It’s like losing our heart, our fingers, our dreams.

The scale may be thousands, hundreds or a few.

But all lost are precious.

All should have had a chance to continue their lives and make a contribution.

Including the unhinged and the violent.  They need to find other ways to deal with their issues.

Violence is a sign of the absence of peace (and at so many levels).

It’s not a time to feel powerless.

It’s not going to help to ignore its reality.

It will keep happening until we can send so much love out into the world it won’t happen again.

It’s a time to have a #strongerthoughtoflove  #strongeractionoflove for every perpetration of violence whatever its cause or outcome.

Religions, gender, mental illness, violence is still violence, and those on the receiving end don’t deserve what happens to them.

They are innocents caught in its wave.

Violence is violence and there can be no justification for those who take the lives that had so much more to offer.

It there any society untouched by it?  Is there any country not in its grip?

If we just rise with each media tide and then forget or lessen our efforts we are not really going to make a difference for a long period of time.

We need to rise with each tide we see and create a Stronger wave of love.  We need to offer comfort for those affected by the reported violence, but also the violence that might be nearby – in our neighbourhood, in a family we might know of.

Also this week #illridewithyou- a sign of hope.  We need more though!  We need more love, more actions, diverse actions for diverse situation and peoples. We need to reach out and create a fabric of love in our community that welcomes all, heals all, and makes no-one outcast, lost and feel any need for attacking others.

As a poet I want to write poems and songs that are about the power of love.  I want to sing them to my friends. I will send blessings, and material support to my friend in the Philippines, who is using music to heal others. My thought of love today is strengthened by all the beautiful people in the world who embody this in action.

The next time someone tells me they are scared because they are under threat of violence or becoming violent themselves, I want to make sure they get the help and support they need.  I have done this in the past and I pledge to do it again.

What is your #strongerthoughtoflove?  What will be your #strongeractionoflove?  

PLEASE REBLOG THIS POST – NO PERMISSION NEEDED.  Would love to hear your thoughts and actions as a result of current world and national events?