Social Media: the Joys and Challenges for Authors

Here I have begun with my own story.  You will notice there are no statistics in it.  I have purely focused on more qualitative feelings about social media. This blog post is  part of a series for authors trying to do their best to manage social media and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or who areContinue reading “Social Media: the Joys and Challenges for Authors”

Search for the Stillness

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
The silent space beyond the threads beyond tweeted tiny details of everyone’s planet the tendency of people to overshare and demand seeking their tiny minutes of fame and infamy those who peek out only when they have something deep to say those who hang out for intellectual sustenance within the…

Life Splinters

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Skin tastes the season Knits it to the bone Frosty footsteps Eat a dreamer’s skin Gloved handprints Scroll phone photo splinters Eyes speaking life Embedded dreaming Life splinters Into status statements Season to season Image to image Emoting and unleashing Inner worlds Memes beckon likes And stories untold Knit themselves…

I’m back ‘dreaming’

So it’s been tricky keeping up with my blog.  All my time has been taken up with packing, unpacking and cleaning.   I will forever have visions of my daughter dancing with the mop and cleaning the windows with glee, and the kids enjoying the lift on the truck. Even though we have settled not everythingContinue reading “I’m back ‘dreaming’”