Absolutely Everybody Sings

After being stuck at home for weeks due to a few physical health issues that have caused a few tears from the pain, I thoroughly enjoyed the “Absolutely Everybody Sings” concert held at the State Library of Queensland, on Sunday April, 29th. It featured inspiring performances from two Brisbane “Absolutely Everybody Choirs” whose members selectedContinue reading “Absolutely Everybody Sings”

Walking the past in the present

Time is a culturally bound construct. We may, based on what culture we are born into, think we move chronologically, but in many cultures we carry the memory and ancestors with us in stories, songs and myths and a belief in the presence of spirits. The past walks with present and the present with theContinue reading “Walking the past in the present”

The Life and Songs of Shirley Lynn – part 2

There have been times when Shirley Lynn has doubted herself or felt intensely critical of her work, but she works through this trepidation by reaching out to other musicians and making sure she shares her songs anyway. Lynn shares: I’m learning to have more confidence as a creative. I can recognise negative thoughts, hearing whatContinue reading “The Life and Songs of Shirley Lynn – part 2”

The World is Singin’ its Blues

The world is singin’ its blues askin’ for a bit of time to heal askin’ why it’s so hard to feel that nothin’ we do is gonna make peace be real askin’ for a DJ who understands the need for peace who can give us some musical release to bleed out the fears dress themContinue reading “The World is Singin’ its Blues”