Thank You Dear Backers All

‘Thank you dear backers all’ sing the Magic Fish Dreaming Team. ‘We hold you in high esteem For believing in our book dream. We plan to do you proud And thank you beautiful crowd for answering our kickstarter call. Bless you – one and all.’ ** Honour Blog Roll Yvonne Mes Dimity Powell Tahirih Twyford AnilContinue reading “Thank You Dear Backers All”

Animated Dream Walker

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Walking through images of the mind treading the pathways of a dream spinning in the world created by a moving thought resulting from a burning of fingers of the heart, continues the wanderer. Once journeying begins it can never end . . . intoxication has set in. (c) June Perkins…

Being Visible, being understood, Sally A. Knornschild

Sally A Knornschild is one of the Soul food bloggers I met  on the Serpentine Road, through Heather Blakey’s creative story worlds maze  and writing trigger blogs. She was a great support when I first set out into the world of blogging and then more creative fantastical writing.  It was  interesting to hear how she feels about writing.Continue reading “Being Visible, being understood, Sally A. Knornschild”