Creature Feature


‘Come over here Mum, Quick!’
So I run over and there it is,  stock still in the bushes
the third lizard we have seen that day at South Bank.

She is filming it with her tablet
whilst her brother is climbing a tree.

She likes keeping her eyes peeled for creatures others pass by.
She always lets me know too as she likes to give me photo opportunities.

I stand beside her to take a few photographs, but I am more interested in photographing her interest in the lizard.

Later when our friends turn up she is keen to show them the footage of
her creature feature.

Sometimes I like to write memories which might have potential to turn into picture books, or sequences in long stories.
I have just finished one which I am sending to a publisher next week.

They start out just like this, as small records – and I build them over time.

(c) June Perkins,