Ecology Quest 1 – Bush turkey holes, and finding a bat wing coral tree

Yesterday I read the following from David Attenborough:  “Where in 1945 it was thought that the way to solve the problem was to create wildlife parks and nature reserves, that is no longer an option. They are not enough now. The whole countryside should be available for wildlife. The suburban garden, roadside verges … allContinue reading “Ecology Quest 1 – Bush turkey holes, and finding a bat wing coral tree”

Country to Coast, Dunes to Highway

  The weekend was full of sparks – from nature and events – for stories and poems.  It was a time for reconnecting with ABC Open. I met Jo Joyce  (producer for the South Coast) in person for the first time.  I had worked with her ‘virtually’ for ABC Open when editing with the 500Continue reading “Country to Coast, Dunes to Highway”

Mother’s Day Inspiring Stories

Violinist bats (sculptures in the park), goannas and ducks attract the attention of my children. We all enjoy the reflections of the late afternoon. The ducks pose.  Birds feed on the flowers. Sound of Music classics from the band’s free concert fill the park. ‘Climb Every Mountain’and ‘My favorite things.’We all like different songs fromContinue reading “Mother’s Day Inspiring Stories”

Creatavist – a place for digital stories

Time for Saturday writing sagas to begin again. I have discovered the joys of building on creatavist. You can check out my creations there by visiting Gumbootspearlz Creatavist. Now keen to start putting sound and media into the next creations. I have been working hard to understand ebook formatting options and ereaders and applications. FinallyContinue reading “Creatavist – a place for digital stories”