Launch of At the End of Holyrood Lane

Following the Crow Song

Brisbane Square Library, Sunday 24th September.

It was a very special launch of a delicate book about a difficult subject.

At the End of Holyrood Lane is a book intended to open the conversations about domestic violence and the fear it causes for children and the hope that change can begin when help is sought, written by Dimity Powell and illustrated by Nicky Johnston.

I enjoy conversations with Dimity about what a picture book can potentially do for people of any age.  Dimity is a bubbly and cheerful person, who is able to deal optimistically but also poetically with such a difficult topic.

Dimity Powell’s friends, family and the organisations endorsing the book, the kids lit community and people who already are big fans of her work, as well as people from the wider communi8ty were out in force at this event.  In all the hub bub, she had time…

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For all those lost


For all those affected by the Queensland floods of the last few days and their families.

Mother nature seems so cruel just now
yet she will bring us all that we need
in time

She will see to it that we find our poet’s
rhyme and look to all she has that is sublime

We see those on the rooftops lifted
into flight of evacuations
but do we really have insight
into their plight

Some of us in the North
do to some extent
we remember Larry when
he was a hell bent cylone
dropping rain

Some of us have seen floods
but flood like this,
some of us have seen storms
but volumes of water like this
so widespread, so left of field

But most of all today I treasure
all my friends found safe
Most have avoided
wrath’s worst measure
of the power and the awful majesty of

Yet I cannot help but feel
for those who will have long to
their streets
and all those who have someone
dear just lost

Their city’s heart beats of
tears mixed
with courage now to blossom…
(to be continued — extract)


(c) all rights words and images –reserved June Perkins