Learning to plot – a writer’s quest

So I am at a virtual stand still as I realise my major writing hurdle is learning to plot. Time to build some stairs, or a rope ladder. I recently managed to finish one picture book and send it off.  One of the things mentioned in critiques was redoing the plot line to introduce someContinue reading “Learning to plot – a writer’s quest”

Listening Divas – A Family Ritual Contribution

You can find Listening Divas over at the ABC Open project 500 words. It’s day one of the project and we already have twenty contributions.  These began coming in this last week. There are some beautiful stories arriving into the space.  My present favourite has to be Helen’s Puftalons.   The combination of rain, food, and overcomingContinue reading “Listening Divas – A Family Ritual Contribution”


scribbleleavesandtangle Originally uploaded by gumbootspearlz. Over the last few months I have been voluntarily doing some storytelling in a school. I am always looking for ideas and stories and have been searching websites for some interesting things about the art of storytelling. As I approach sharing stories with the children I am thinking about howContinue reading “Storytelling”