The time is almost here for Picture Book Idea Month.

It’s a time to generate ideas, and be inspired by Tara’s blogs, and guest bloggers  HERE

Registrations are open now.

I loved reading all the posts last year and concentrating  a bit of time every day to brain storm ideas.

I was shocked by how many ideas came into my brain, and just loved the blogs that made me keep taking a different angle.

This year I have been learning to finish those ideas and polish them and have about four picture books heading into super polish mode.  I think PiBoIdMo gave me a lot of inspiration for them.

I am also running a kickstarter campaign during November for a project Magic Fish Dreaming.

I realise now I just love the environmental, nature themes and there are some in my diary from last years PiBoIdMo.  I’ve also joined SCWIBI and done some online writing courses, as well as lots and lots of reading for tutoring University students.

Am I crazy?

No, I just love writing, imagining and creating.

So have a great month all.

Go forth and generate ideas, maybe even start to write and polish.  No pressure, just have a wonderful time dreaming up your ideas and letting them flow from heart and head onto the page!


Image by June Perkins