Ted X Morning

For Deb, Justine and Renee Ted X Morning The light and zing of commercials between my favourite shows is not nourishing but rather requires the mute button green of the remote to take me into a greener zone and better still a turning away from entertainment that leads to momentary escape from the sorrow, pain,Continue reading “Ted X Morning”

Art Class

I have been delighted to have some work published at Australian Children’s Poetry blog.   Art Class For Vincent’s  ‘The  Starry,  Starry Night’   Outlines crash into swirls Miss Del Amico asks, what do you see? Is that a sky of blue curls? Outlines crash into swirls Time to dive for some pearls Will IContinue reading “Art Class”

More paper please

It was so Dickension – the moment I headed off to the paper supply office at my school. I had gone back into the public system after being in a small alternative school and this was my journey back into the mainstream system. I was on what was called the ‘free list’ which meant ourContinue reading “More paper please”

Mr Kidd’s Twelfth Night:Piece 9

Riverside High, the early 1980s – I’m dropping my books, and about to head into Mr Kidd’s class. Mr Kidd is notoriously scary for those who don’t have him as a teacher. He is seen as the hardest task master in the whole school.  He doesn’t give high marks easily.  He comes across as grumpy.Continue reading “Mr Kidd’s Twelfth Night:Piece 9”

The Motely-get-together-whenever-we-can-choir: Piece 6

We were the motely-get-together-whenever-we-can-choir, from all corners of the globe and all corners of the state of Tasmania, but our choir teacher, Erica, was a talented music teacher who didn’t mind our varying skills and took delight in our different cultural backgrounds. Erica would help us to find our pitch and tone.   She’d do thisContinue reading “The Motely-get-together-whenever-we-can-choir: Piece 6”