Look who is traveling

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Ambassadors – photo by Helene Magisson Look who is traveling to France. They are the ambassadors of Magic Fish Dreaming and they will tell us how gorgeous, wild and beautiful Australia is. They also will keep their eyes wide open to see how the world can be wonderful. Keep traveling,…

Experiences of Epiphany in the big Smoke – Part 4

Presenting the Aftermath story is quite emotional.  I have to hold back tears as I hear Carolyn’s story once more, even though I know things are pretty cool for her family these days – it makes me think of all the people who have been forced to move away from the area. News stories areContinue reading “Experiences of Epiphany in the big Smoke – Part 4”

Experiences of Epiphany – in the ‘Big Smoke’ Part 3

Saturday Morning  10th March The morning of the aftermath presentation arrives and my friends ask if I’d like to go to the West End Markets before my talk.  It seems like a good idea to quell the nerves. It is something to behold though, we arrive to a mellow saxophonist sitting by the entrance.  TheContinue reading “Experiences of Epiphany – in the ‘Big Smoke’ Part 3”

Experiences of Epiphany – in the ‘Big Smoke’ part 1.

Tiny moments strung together in journeys are markers on the way to experiences of epiphany. Like multi-coloured pearls strung on a string my last weekend in Brisbane can now be crafted together and worn in the memory. Thursday 8th March 2012 It begins when like Goldilocks entering the house of bears I enter the seeminglyContinue reading “Experiences of Epiphany – in the ‘Big Smoke’ part 1.”

Following the road to Wallaman Falls

We have always seen the sign when we are in Ingham (usually for medical appointments we can’t have in our own town) Wallaman Falls 49km and thought maybe we should go have a look at it.  I love waterfalls, especially when they are in flow.  Somehow we never quite have the time.  But this timeContinue reading “Following the road to Wallaman Falls”