Secrets to Living your Best Life

Thank you Maya Angelou
now gone to be universal ancestor
so glad you leave your words to guide
the people’s hearts away
from hate
to the very best they can be
to become empowered social participants
who see ancestors –
who were the rainbows in their clouds
who paved the way for the people
they would become.

They could not see who they would become
the music they would make
the poets they would foster
the roads they would build
the fields they would reap
the rise of their souls beyond –

the slavery that was theirs
and she says we need to name those
who were our origins
who were the rainbows
the foundation of who we would become
and listening to her wisdom
I name them:

she is Paisa in her village
racked with tuberculosis
and she sings of far off grandchild or bubu.
She never sees bubu when
bubu leaves Papua New Guinea’s shores.

He is a miner in England
struggling to make ends meet
I do not know his name
great grandfather striving –

so his children
can escape this life –

and in the future their worlds will join
and their descendants
will lead the world into

where rainbow families dance into
the light.

(c) June Perkins

Will you share a joke with Death?

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Like many of his fans today I say, ‘farewell Sir Terry Pratchett.’ Bon Voyage.

My family lined up once to meet and have him sign a book in Penrith. It was a long line. I remember the dark hat and coat; he dressed as above.

Jayden Smith, reportedly calls this Einstein dressing and adopts it too – that is the genius is the man in the clothes, not the clothes. Pratchett was a genuis, no doubt about it. He chose humour and fantasy to understand life, where someone like Stephen Hawking chooses science.

I’ve been enjoying reading all the wonderful quotes people are sharing from his books.

Some of my favourites are: “It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done. – from A Hat Full of Sky”

“Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can.”

The best tribute I can pay to him though is to keep writing my very first fantasy novel, which I hope can reach the witty depths and observations of life of this hilariously profound storyteller.

The BBC are calling on people to share their tributes, as creatively and in as many mediums as they want. They can act out scenes from his books, send a personal memory, design a costume and more.I wonder what people will do.

I read what Neil Gaiman wrote of his friend, such a beautiful piece, and wonder if Death, measures up to Sir Pratchett’s imagination.

I think Sir Pratchett would tip his hat to all who fight that monster we call Alzheimers and suggest we continue to give donations into research into the preservation of our faculties as we head into the journey of old age, but what better way to pay him tribute then to read or watch one of his stories before going to sleep tonight.

Going postal

(c) June Perkins