A More Powerful Thought of Love

  When a thought of war comes, oppose it by a stronger thought of peace. A thought of hatred must be destroyed by a more powerful thought of love. (Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, p. 28) Thinking of all the places in the world in need of healing. Thinking of all the young people in the worldContinue reading “A More Powerful Thought of Love”

Handle with Care

the morning news unsettles and reminds for many there is no luxury to look for daily balance only the beginning of an end lives blasted out of the sky children bombed on the beach apocalyptic movies due at the cinema soon and on the way to when healing arrives the places where there is theContinue reading “Handle with Care”

Wonder a Day 9: Family

Family are a wonder – something to treasure, nurture and astound. Created from the love of partners attracted together. So different, brought together by destiny to be in one unit hopefully finding unity. Brothers and sisters, parents and kids often don’t choose each other, although in some cases they do as some people find theirContinue reading “Wonder a Day 9: Family”