The Printing of Magic Fish Dreaming

As this blog goes up, Magic Fish Dreaming is being printed and bound by Fergies, a Brisbane based printer. We were lucky enough to have permission to have a sneak view of  our book’s printing. We thank them for hosting our visit to the printing of the book and the immense care they have takenContinue reading “The Printing of Magic Fish Dreaming”

Magic Fish Dreaming

Come hunt for – green tree frogs, geckos, and magic fish.  Watch out for crocodiles and cane toads.  Come to the land of the ultimate faraway tree.  . . . Come hunt for poems from Midgenoo to Mirriwini ** WE HAVE MADE IT!  GREEN LIGHT TO THE PROJECT JUST 4 DAYS TO GO! TO MAKE ITContinue reading “Magic Fish Dreaming”

Filming Free to Move

Spent Wednesday filming for Danielle Wilson’s Free to Move and Dance philosophy for her website.  What an inspiring day, and the image above is just one that will stay with me.  The candles set a beautiful atmosphere. So wonderful to spend the day with four creative and expressive human beings.   The day was  emotional,Continue reading “Filming Free to Move”

Dancing Moon, Fire, Ocean

To see what I have been up to whilst away from social and media and the internet visit this film.   Dancing Moon, Fire, Ocean. I’ve been learning to apply collage techniques to film, just like the photographs I love to do. This video features a couple. Keep well and may you find the power ofContinue reading “Dancing Moon, Fire, Ocean”