Mother’s Day Inspiring Stories

Violinist bats (sculptures in the park), goannas and ducks attract the attention of my children. We all enjoy the reflections of the late afternoon. The ducks pose.  Birds feed on the flowers. Sound of Music classics from the band’s free concert fill the park. ‘Climb Every Mountain’and ‘My favorite things.’We all like different songs fromContinue reading “Mother’s Day Inspiring Stories”

Hidden Walks

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
Banana Field in Tully Town – June Perkins Every town, urban or rural, has the hidden walks.  These are the ones the locals know about and love.  These walks can be found in the oddest places. They might be alongside a river, behind a school, near a local…

Walking in the Rainforest

Our first trip back to the Licuala Rainforest after Cyclone Yasi was full of greenery! We just did the short children’s walk, partly due to the heat and because youngest had left his shoes behind (so easy to do in Queensland) and we’d bought him thongs for the walk. It was encouraging to see soContinue reading “Walking in the Rainforest”

Morning Walk

Webs of dew in the damp grass shadows  shorter than us printed on grass covered in sensitive weed orange leaves sprinkled amongst the green yellow buds opening one by one picking out the calls of distant bird sighting a kookaburra on a branch green finds its way back onto the broken trees hearing Copper singingContinue reading “Morning Walk”