June Perkins (taken by Heidi Den Ronden)

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I blog literary events, interviews with creatives, life in Queensland,  progress on my writing projects, and the writing process.

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I’m a storyteller working in many creative mediums – including writing, blogging, video and photography.

Born to a Papua New Guinean mother and Australian Father my first remembered home was Tasmania, an island state of Australia.  I lived there for twenty years from the age of one.

I’ve been published in a diverse range of places including: literary journals,  ABC Open spaces, newspapers, guest blogs, and anthologies in Queensland, the Pacific and America. One of the highlights of my writing career so far has been guest blogging for ABC Open’s aftermath project and working as an editor on the 500 words project.

This was recently topped by winning a mentorship from the Australian Society of Authors for picture book writing and publishing Magic Fish Dreaming through crowd funding.

My dream is to produce multiplatform story projects celebrating and teaching about nature, music and peace.  I am currently working to bring several projects to fruition and have begun tutoring and mentoring university students.

I support  and mentor other creative practitioners (current focus songwriters and writers) who pursue the upliftment of the human spirit through their arts, and feature many blog interviews with them on this blog.

In my twenties I travelled, studied and lived throughout Australia with a growing family;the next place we settled for a significant period of time was Queensland. My family have called Queensland home for  over a decade.

During my travels between Tasmania and Queensland I completed a Phd in the empowerment of Indigenous women through writing, met and interviewed many amazing artists and writers, had the bounty of having and nurturing three wonderful and amazing children and was lucky enough to travel to Kiribati and New Zealand.

I’ve worked as a university tutor,  project coordinator, writer-in-community, writing group co-ordinator,  community journalist,  virtues education teacher, photographer, web moderator and editor.

Please respect all copyright for this work. If you want to make use of something you need my prior written permission. See COPYRIGHT HERE.

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Originally  this blog began  as a way to keep me inspired to write everyday and as a letter home to relatives and friends when we moved to the Far North of Australia (Queensland) after living down South (Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales.) I didn’t know what lay in store.

It has become  a treasured  journal, a place to connect to others, a memory store, somewhere to reflect on creative practice and values, a home base to my other blogs, and for a time was a way to share the journey of recovering from Cyclone Yasi/Natural disaster.

My main goal with this blog  is to reflect on the processes of creativity and peace making in life, art, photography and writing.  I have created a trail of niche blogs on poetry, life writing and photography which I share on this blog from time to time.

Motherhood Sky is just one of my books in progress. You can read a sample of it by clicking here .


My friends now include people  I have met through their blogs, photographs, and in the ABC Open arena. It has been amazing to meet some of them in real life and see at first hand the wonderful work they do in the world.

This blog has helped me find my creative voice, practice my creativity daily and connect with creatives in a variety of fields from writing (many genres) to photography.

I  often find bloggers who inspire me through their efforts to utilise art forms to encourage the empowerment of the marginalised in our society, and to empower women, and youth and many others.

Through the lens and words of bloggers I find a new way of seeing the world, or connect with people who share aspects of my life, like women living in rural areas (although this has now changed) or women of Indigenous background across the world.  I treasure these connections.

I am adjusting to city life, pretty challenging after 8 years in the country.  Still there are lots of amazing things about the city to love.  So a new journey begins – still Pearlz Dreaming.  I am adjusting to to our new city environment, just as I did to life post cyclone, using creativity.  I know many people have to move from their rural homes to the city for work and opportunity, and I am not alone in this journey.

The newsletter which I try to produce monthly (sometimes it’s bimonthly) shares general news, highlights past and upcoming creative projects, and shares tips and news not on the blogs, but hot off the press.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and respond to this blog, whether you know me personally or only through our online meetings.

A special thank you to fellow bloggers/artists/songwriters/writers/people who I’ve met along the way, and who inspire me to keep extending and exploring the art form that blogging can be.

Thanks to all those generous bloggers out there who share their craft, their lives, and their dreams with the rest of us.  On you blessings!

I will be writing books and will let you know about these on the blog.   Some of them might be based on content shared in blogs, and some might be things I am quietly working on away from the blogosphere.

Perhaps some of you will like to buy them.

Yours in Blogging,