Mission Who Shaped Me

Yes, I did it! I finished my nineteen blogs on Who Shaped Me. Now here are the heroes and heroines of my upbringing and present existence. My Mum – impatient, generous and strong My writing/art mentor – charismatic and universal My religious education teacher – practical, disciplined and creative My music teacher – patient andContinue reading “Mission Who Shaped Me”

Film Making Mentors: Piece 19

I couldn’t end this journey of who shaped me without special mention of Mick Bromage and Leandro Palacio who have helped shape my beginnings as a film maker. They have taught me that you start with your imagination and a storyline.  You begin to create that storyline through images and sounds. You match the imagesContinue reading “Film Making Mentors: Piece 19”

Swirling, Almost Something: Piece 18

  An abstract painting full of swirling almost something shapes, hangs above the stairs in the hall entrance, and grabs the attention of all visitors to Nance’s. Visitors, especially children, are always struck by it, and stop to gaze, as Nance asks them: ’What do you think it is?’ She adds their guess to allContinue reading “Swirling, Almost Something: Piece 18”

Skin and bone, short curly hair, dreams and fancies: Piece 17

She was a funny little thing that childhood me – skin and bone, short curly hair, dreams and fancies. She used to like to pretend she knew Joan of Arc personally. She was riding in her army. She stopped her burning at the stake. She loved to pretend she was Heidi, and so when takingContinue reading “Skin and bone, short curly hair, dreams and fancies: Piece 17”

The Light and Shade of Life in Who Shaped Me

The light and shade of life is reflected in many of the current ABC Open Who Shaped Me contributions. Not everyone is happy with the person who shaped them.  They have moulded themselves into an opposite. For instance read Just Jane’s initially bleak Driving Away from Darkness , a damning portrait of a relative which has me thinkingContinue reading “The Light and Shade of Life in Who Shaped Me”