Ink of Light Presenter: Naysan Naraqi

I am delighted to feature a last minute addition to the interview series for Ink of Light with Naysan Naraqi. Naysan, as well as his other media work and serving as editor for Baha’i Blog, is one of the Ink of Light organising Task Force members. He will be chairing the discussion panels during theContinue reading “Ink of Light Presenter: Naysan Naraqi”

Ink of Light Presenter: Keithie Saunders

What is your favourite book and why? Geraldine Brooks – People of the Book….full of great rich historical grandeur and resonates with my Jewish ancestry, I enjoy all Geraldine’s books – The Crossing was wonderful, story of the first American Indian to attend Harvard university Who is your hero and why? Strong women who haveContinue reading “Ink of Light Presenter: Keithie Saunders”

Ink of Light Presenter: Grant Hindin Miller

What is your favourite book and why? The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, because it is a poetic fable full of spiritual truth. Who is your hero and why? My wife, because she is not only loyal, responsible, kind, and loving; but she is also so stunningly pretty. What is the motivation for yourContinue reading “Ink of Light Presenter: Grant Hindin Miller”

Ink of Light Presenter: Michael Day

Here is a short interview with one of our Ink of Light presenters. Michael will be speaking on Saturday the 18th of May. What are your favourite books and why? Lighting the Western Sky by Kathryn Jewett Hogenson. It is a very well-written and compelling narrative about early Baha’i pilgrims to the Holy Land, with originalContinue reading “Ink of Light Presenter: Michael Day”