Divining and Observing – Powers of the Writer: Saturday Writing Sagas 2

The Anais Nin meme I have put up twice on my facebook wall, reads,  ‘the role of the writer is not to say what we can all say, but what we cannot say,’ Is that an arrogant thing for her to assume?  Or is it visionary, original, and true? Are writer’s conjurers, tricksters, or are theyContinue reading “Divining and Observing – Powers of the Writer: Saturday Writing Sagas 2”

Getting Support for your Project

Today I welcome a guest blog from Lydia Valeriano.  Here she shares how to get support for a local project to inspire others. Many of June’s readers will be aware June was the driving force behind our very well received anthology Under One Sky.  June was able to facilitate this project with the financial supportContinue reading “Getting Support for your Project”

Imagination on Fire – Tropical Writers Festival part 1.

Meeting Gretel Killen- She spoke to each person as she signed their book, just finished reading it today – REVIEW coming soon. What does it mean to have an imagination on fire? Is it never having a dull thought, or boring words but rather an array of wordsmithing skills that can polished until they areContinue reading “Imagination on Fire – Tropical Writers Festival part 1.”