Blog Visitor – Megan Higginson on Writing and Illustrating

Today’s writing guest is Megan Higginson who loves to write and illustrate stories of monsters, aliens, and mind-blowing places and asking questions like, ‘What if?’ She hopes her stories and illustrations will help readers to look at their life and the world around them with new eyes.  I have come to know Megan through theContinue reading “Blog Visitor – Megan Higginson on Writing and Illustrating”

Raising Brilliant Stars

Melanie is one of our presenters at the upcoming Ink of Light (May 18-19, 2019) She has a PhD in engaging boys and men in gender equality and for many years has facilitated violence prevention and respectful relationships programs in high schools, and for adults. Here are just a few of the books sheContinue reading “Raising Brilliant Stars”

Hot Air Balloon – Art Adventure Begins

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Yvonne Koolmatrie’s Hot Air Balloon, Queensland Art Gallery Climb on board, dreamers and travellers Whoever you may be, take a journey with me. Feel the woven textures beneath your feet. Smell the Murray River in the weave. Take yourself to the balloon’s edge Feel the breezes through the sedge. Touch…

Responding to Art with the Written Word

I have made significant progress on a poetry project, writing poems for The Words and Pictures  project at QAGOMA. Which is just as well as there are just four days left for my final selections and edits. Some of the works  have  inspired more than one poem.  One even inspired four pieces. I now have to selectContinue reading “Responding to Art with the Written Word”