Eternal Spirit on Mortal Paper

A house full of sick kids and constant calls for Mum to please by nearby, snatched moments to rest and build energy for another round of vomiting from youngest and a complete ignoring of deadlines – that’s been my week. Now any dedicated parent will tell you in a house full of illness you needContinue reading “Eternal Spirit on Mortal Paper”

Secret Caves and Picnic Baskets to Adventure

There are places which scream out tell my story; hanging rocks and secret caves among them. This cave near Tully Gorge is such a place and has both.  It is the stuff of children’s adventures. I can see the Famous Five rowing out to the caves with a boat, and stopping for a while toContinue reading “Secret Caves and Picnic Baskets to Adventure”

Wonder a Day 19: Prose is Walking – Poetry is Dancing PART 1

 Writers who persevere are a wonder!  For the next few days you are going to read a conversation between Hazel Menehira and myself.   At the end of these few days I will publish the interview in a full post at Creative Souls Converse. I am glad to add to that blog – a showcase inspiringContinue reading “Wonder a Day 19: Prose is Walking – Poetry is Dancing PART 1”

June’s Journal

I was introduced to keeping journals in my primary school, but from the very beginning I kept a public journal and a private one. My public journal was full of tales of excursions, interesting food and the mundane things of everyday life.  My private journal was where I poured out where I felt about theContinue reading “June’s Journal”

Imagination on Fire – Tropical Writers Festival part 1.

Meeting Gretel Killen- She spoke to each person as she signed their book, just finished reading it today – REVIEW coming soon. What does it mean to have an imagination on fire? Is it never having a dull thought, or boring words but rather an array of wordsmithing skills that can polished until they areContinue reading “Imagination on Fire – Tropical Writers Festival part 1.”