Walking out the Writing Beginning Blues

Dear Readers, Walking and thinking are truly a cure for a bad case of procrastinating starting something new. Recently I have been  constantly perched at my desk, and sometimes a lovely green recliner chair in front of the fish tank (that is when I can ‘rent’ some time from my daughter who just loves thisContinue reading “Walking out the Writing Beginning Blues”


Originally posted on Magic Fish Dreaming:
  It has been a bit more than one year now, since June Perkins contacted me to illustrate Magic Fish Dreaming, a series of poems describing, with softness, mystery and humour, the beauty and richness of a region of Australia: the Far North Queensland. This project immediately appealed to…

World Building with Marianne de Pierres.

On the weekend I attended an inspiring workshop in the Writelinks Workshop Series with Marianne de Pierres. “She is the award winning author of the acclaimed Parrish Plessis, Sentients of Orion and Peacemaker science fiction series. Marianne is an active supporter of genre fiction and has mentored many writers. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, withContinue reading “World Building with Marianne de Pierres.”

Precious Painting; Precious Times

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
Me as Young Artist – by Edward Broomhall I was delighted to receive this photograph of attending an art class in my childhood from our art teacher at that time. Thanks Edward! I remember this experience and this jumper so well. It was one of my favourite jumpers,…

A Long Way From Misery

Jacqui Halpin is an Australian children’s author whose stories have won prizes in writing competitions and been published in anthologies. She attributes her love of storytelling to her father, Jack Turner. ‘Listening to the amazing adventures Dad had growing up stirred my imagination and transported me back to his world,’ Jacqui says. Jacqui has co-writtenContinue reading “A Long Way From Misery”