To purchase After Yasi


Book by June Perkins and Residents of the Cassowary Coast

Could you find your smile again when everything around you looked smashed and splintered after a cyclone?

The memory of that Yasi filled cyclone night is something that will never be fully erased, but the kindness since shown is something that with time will be more powerful.

This book illustrates with photographs and stories, the resilience and strong spirit of the Cassowary Coast people recovering their smile within and rebuilding their community spirit after Cyclone Yasi.

Especially suitable for libraries and organisations working in natural disaster zones and people looking for ways creativity can assist in recovery.

You can presently find reading copies at the state library of Queensland, Parliamentary Library and local libraries of the Cassowary Coast.

These are attractive books, suitable for libraries and organisations looking for ways to use creativity to assist in the process of recovery.

This is a community heritage book which was completed without any external funding and  printed books (hard and soft cover) are presently only  available through on print on demand at blurb.


Ebook (mobi and epub) $4.75 Australian Dollars for sale at Authors Unlimited

PDF  of the Coffee Table book pdf $8.66 (no hyperlinks)

Paperback $59.52 + postage and gst

Hard Cover  $84.09 + postage and gst

For conversion into other currencies see following LINK


 Samples of the ebook  pages can be found HERE


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