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photo taken by Heidi Den Ronden

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Blue Curtains


Blue Curtains – June Perkins

She cannot sing it
but only play it

note by note
key by key

in empty theatres
where you can listen

to Him who is
the cause of its hunger

for that sorrow
which makes the artist

She will play to me
skipping a beat

and finding a beat

the melodies that
remind you of it

sulking in the smoky air

dripping down the blue curtains
to the dark past

where His heart is torn
by starvation,

for it,
for you and I and her.

She will make the music

a spell of pure notes

magic which you can hear
filling pages
from emptiness

causing my heart,
torn by His life,
to see.

(c) June Perkins

from p. 14 Shadow Puppets

Blue 2 – by June Perkins


Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

6734034749_3159ba5e92_o (2) Roberta Romero – Creative Commons

Oh Gemini man with your magic shoes
rocking the beat on
Melbourne’s Babel Towers
juggling your feet as if they’re wings
my natural bungee jumping man.

You’re the ying and the yang
of my heart beats
taking dizzy prayers way on down
to your feet.

I’m juggling my days
to your rock and roll
now is the time
for my shoes to sprout wings.

So take me to the limit
my Gemini man
as we fly with our feet
magic angels with a beat.

Oh Gemini man you’re sure my kind of man
leaping tall buildings without a blue suit
the ying and the yang of my heart beats
my natural bungee jumping man.

(c) June Perkins

Link for image is here ROBERTA

From Shadow Puppets, p. 13

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Thought I’d share this book review on Lani’s book Scarlet Lies, from Tales from Pasifika.

Originally posted on Tales from Pasifika:

‘Scarlet Secrets’ is the second book in Lani Wendt Young’s new contemporary adult romance series that follows the story of Scarlet, a young Samoan woman who returns to her motherland after years of absence.



Having spent a fabulous and passionate evening with Jackson, Scarlet starts to believe that it might be possible for her to actually survive the Samoan wedding of the year without killing the bride (her sister) or other very important people (the rest of her family) that ought to attend the ceremony. So she puts on a brave face and tries to be a good daughter, an even better sibling, and the best bridesmaid possible.

But, as the big day approaches, the secrets of the past begin to crawl out of the shade into the full Samoan sun. With Jackson’s encouragement, Scarlet decides it’s time to put a stop to the lies and reveal the painful…

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Animated Dream Walker


Sharing an old chapbook of mine over on my ripple poetry blog.

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:


Walking through
images of the mind

treading the pathways
of a dream

spinning in the world

by a moving thought

resulting from
a burning of fingers of the heart,

continues the wanderer.

Once journeying begins
it can never end . . .

intoxication has set in.

(c) June Perkins

From Shadow Puppets, p.8 This poem was written in my youth.

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