Happy Naw Ruz!

Last day of the fast. May the spiritual springtime for our planet be just around the corner!

“Soon the whole world, as in springtime, will change its garb. The turning and falling of the autumn leaves is past; the bleakness of the winter time is over. The new year hath appeared and the spiritual springtime is at hand. The black earth is becoming a verdant garden; the deserts and mountains are teeming with red flowers; from the borders of the wilderness the tall grasses are standing like advance guards before the cypress and jessamine trees; while the birds are singing among the rose branches like the angels in the highest heavens, announcing the glad-tidings of the approach of that spiritual spring, and the sweet music of their voices is causing the real essence of all things to move and quiver.” Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i World Faith, p.351

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Looking for Names

Poetry for a novel in progress. And now back to the novel.

Ripple Poetry

By June Perkins Image and Words by June Perkins

I’m looking for names
that have
metre &

Names that
collect &
the characters
in the process
of becoming.

Back stories are in my
adventures caught in the seam
& I follow
the threads.

Stitching brainstorms
I find names
of place &
connected to nature
that sound so pretty with chosen

Even makes me wonder if I could
change my name
would I?

Will I invent a pen name
to find the meaning
metre & the magic?

These names are not out
of a hat
nor random.

They have meaning
movement &

(c)  June Perkins, Words and images
(Poetry for a novel in progress)

26th February 2018

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5 Reasons Bloggers Need Visme

A great blog from Ali. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on some useful and inspiring tools.



Visme is a new design platform that’s shaking up the content creation world. It offers powerful tools for creating elegant business presentations, slick infographics, and other cutting-edge marketing materials. But businesspeople shouldn’t have all the fun. Bloggers and freelancers, don’t miss out: take Visme for a test drive and see how you can amp up your text with gorgeous visual content.

These days, readers have high standards for images. People expect bright, clear photos, appealing graphics, and infographics–lots of infographics.

Let’s face it: design is a special talent, an art form, a calling even. Most bloggers excel at artfully arranging words, not images. So what’s a non-designer wordsmith to do? Even unartistic writers can put together some reasonable visual content by using a variety of webtools floating around the internet.

Visme: The New Kid on the Block

An exciting new player in the visual design sphere is Visme. This…

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Night of Noah

Thinking of all our friends in Tully and Far North Queensland living
with the floods, and soon to commence their clean up.

Ripple Poetry

For the People of Townsville and Far North Queensland

The rain began
to fall
and fall

And some
for it had called
but not quite this much.

The rain didn’t care at all
it just wanted to

The water
and tumbled
would it ever end.

It built up
Ross River dam until
it had to be released.

More flood rumbled
and flowed
and flowed.

The people wondered
when it would
then it began again.

Roads closed
and closed

The people stumbled
then picked themselves
and up

The people kept on going
checking devastation
thankful to be with
family and
wanting to be strong

Reaching out
and out

And the rain
kept on falling
falling and then

the sun came out.

June Perkins 6th Feb 2019

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Looking forward to a day

In a time when identities can lead to

tribalism and nationalism

my blood is not thicker than water.


I choose to be a world citizen

celebrating unity in diversity and

the full diversity of

all my cultural heritages.


World Unity Day

that’s a celebration worth hoping for.


Love you Mum and Dad


Queensland, Papua New Guinea,

Papua New Guinean Australia,

Oceania, France, England

and any other culture that wants to claim me.

I will be yours.


By June Perkins