Sunlight Tapping

Ripple Poetry

3285842015_a0487dbccf_o (2) Sunlight Tapping 1- June Perkins

For Fred Astaire and Paul Junior

A shadow of thought
a reflection of myth
dancing on the lawn
hand in hand.

A waltz of creation
a romance of words
sunlight’s a tapping
for a hero of dance.

A top hat and cane
a reflection of steps
a heel toe, a heel toe
a rhythm of hope.

3285841995_799002615e_o (2) Sunlight Tapping 2

A boy and a medal
a cowboy whose black
a boy and a hero
a heel toe, a heel toe.

A memory of movement
a wheelchair that’s left
sunlight’s a tapping
for a hero of dance.

(c) June Perkins, From Shadow Puppets, p. 15

3287396910_be0919ac83_o (2) Sunlight Tapping 3 – June Perkins

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