Befriend a Child in Detention

Art Work by Gabrielle Wang

If you see this card around, flip it over and have a peak! Anyone concerned about the mandatory detention of children can sign their name on the back and send it off the to PM. ‪#‎FreeTheChildren‬

(from the Avant Card facebook page)

“Many thanks to Avant Card who have generously supported Befriend a Child in Detention by printing and distributing 10,000 postcards to cafes and other public sites around Australia. Australians concerned about children being held in detention can sign their names on the back and post off the message to the Prime Minister.”

(Gabrielle Wang)

“The issue of children in detention has become deeply politicised in Australia, and we have lost sight of our moral and legal obligations to protect, support and keep safe all children, especially those who are vulnerable. We are the only country implementing a policy of mandatory and indefinite detention of asylum seekers, and we consequently have much higher numbers of children in detention.

Although in recent times the numbers of children arriving in Australia and being detained has decreased, the average periods in detention have increased. Also, children continue to be sent off shore to Nauru, where there are grossly inadequate services and very poor living conditions. Many professionals monitoring the conditions for children in detention have documented their concerns about the serious psychological and physical effects of this experience on the children.

The implications that this has for children are serious, and can affect them for the rest of their lives.”

(From Befriend a Child in Detention, website)

For more information visit Befriend a Child in Detention

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