It’s off to Town I go

Tully Town – June Perkins

Once a week I take our car (we are a one vehicle family and no it’s not the picture above that’s another of my favourite activities looking for pictures in Tully and elsewhere) and head off into Tully or on other adventures.   Here is an account of one typical day in town.  Ironically as I share this account the kids AFL carnival in Cairns has just been cancelled by rain and all the kids are on their way back on the bus.  That’s the wet season for you!

A typical day visit into Tully town includes visiting my friends working at their shops or at their homes.  I enjoy these visits and they are a welcome break from writing and project work at the confines of my computer.

Gift Shop –  J. and I discuss whether I should photograph her sister’s wedding- she’d like me to do it and gives me her sister’s phone number.  I have never done a wedding before and am a bit nervous, but I’d so love the opportunity.  Will I or wont I?  I have given them some other local photographer’s names.

M – at the library I borrow different sized books and then M. discusses what librarians look for in a book; I file away this information to take into account when I am working out my size dimensions.  I really have to get onto my quotes.

Visit to J… – discussion of her submission to the Smile Within project, people are the most important thing… life of service, but a creative writer too, who friends tell me did very well at school.  She is off to a conference on residential places for retirees.

Photo Shop – They have some wood for my exhibition photographs to be mounted on and will save any as it comes in.  Like many in photography they like me like to be behind the camera.  I think B. would write a great photography blog, we always have interesting discussion,   –can’t wait for their housewarming, it’ll be awesome!

Scrap booking shop – I pick up a contribution to the exhibition – and chat to two people in doing an art workshop with A. they are making some interesting stuff.  Looking forward to reading what A. has written.  One of the ladies doing art is a mum of a child my kid used to go to school with.    A. is interested to read my project blog for smile within.

I visit C.  She asks how did the trip to Brisbane go? She returns the consent form for my upcoming exhibition ( I lose my keys, but have put them in my camera bag what a dag!)  C. is my driving mentor extraordinaire – and she is a great and caring mother to her kids.   Devoted and dedicated – a real backbone to her family.

Back home to Murray Upper and then back in to town – taking my son to AFL footy training – how he loves his sport!!!  We run into some more parents – some fellow teachers, and one from my son’s school.  The kids are all excited about AFL.  It is pouring but their coach takes them to the oval to play anyway – no stopping for rain! Hooray a sport where you just keep on making the effort.  It rains up here so much.  Well that’s life.

(c) June Perkins

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