We Found Love

I love listening to music when writing.

My daughter’s a huge fan of anything Lindsey Stirling (awesome violinist and video storyteller) and introduced me to the world of Lindsey in youtube videos.

I spent a lot of this afternoon listening and sometimes watching many of Lindsey’s videos.

I love how she collaborates with people from many cultures and media. She’s a creative free spirit who embraces many styles and genres of music and many cultures.

I love her rapid fire sponsorship thankyous to the people who help her out with her videos. They are  fast, enthusiastic and sweet.

Today the above song is my favourite!

Small secret, I used to learn the violin; my grandfather played the viola.

In our school orchestra we only had three violinists. Yolanda, me and someone else whose name escapes me. It was hard to bluff it in our competition pieces as there were not enough other violins to hide amongst – so I had to do reasonably well or the audience could hear the mistakes well and truly. Embarrassing.

Violin never really was my soul match, but I love listening to others play it well and appreciate just how difficult it is to play after three years of learning it in group lessons of 30 minutes per week at school.

The instrument I loved more at that time was the guitar. I took private lessons for this and ended up doing four grades. Our family ran out of finances to pay for lessons and I discontinued.  There weren’t the number of online places to learn back then as there are now.

Maybe I should pick it up and work on it once more. I’m a bit spoiled though, as my son plays it beautifully and I just have to make requests and he usually knows how to play the piece I’m thinking of.

I don’t think I’ll ever be in his league, no matter how hard I try, but some people are just gifted and soul matched to certain instruments, just like Lindsey and the violin.  But that’s not to say I don’t pick up my guitar and use it to help me compose songs and poetry.

Strangely enough my eldest son, who plays the guitar, had a year on the cello and a few years on French horn, before finding his perfect match in the guitar.

The other aspect of this video I love is that Lindsey is just so full of joy – this comes across in pretty much everything she does.

So there you go, now you’ve found Lindsey!

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Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

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