Hairy Harold & his extraordinary trip to NY, Children’s book

I just couldn’t wait till next week to blog this!  So for this week two blogs.

I’ve been doing this incredible course with Mira Riseberg and Jed Alexander about so many things to do with the self publishing. To find out more see Children’s Book Academy.  

During homework this week we were researching inspiring kickstarter campaigns and a few of us came across this superb project and decided we love it. Take the time to watch the video!

Just one more week to go and Andres Quintero  has raised $5249 of his $7700 goal. If you like this project too, pledge some support, share this blog, share his link.  I, and many others, want to see this project happen.

He has a super cool range of rewards for you giving support (for those of you who love original handbags check out the handbag reward.) The great thing about kickstarter is being a patron of the arts, but also being acknowledged for that.

Andres Quintero says “My story gives kids the tools to appreciate a deeper aesthetic besides the sensorial material plenitude; the beauty of loyalty and true friendship.”

Hairy Harold & his extraordinary trip to NY Image above copyright of Andres Quintero

Editorial note – THIS PROJECT WAS FUNDED!  Thanks to any of my blog readers who got behind this project.  I am so looking forward to receiving my book!

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