Quoll at Mary Ryans

Magic Fish Dreaming

Quoll had quite a lot of fun leaping over books and checking out Mary Ryan’s bookstore last weekend.

Quoll thought the staff were quite lovely to the visiting author of Magic Fish Dreaming.

Quoll saw a few books go to new homes!  Quoll overheard a conversation where someone asked if June wrote poetry for teenagers and grown ups as well.

Quoll is looking forward to meeting some new friends at workshops at the library this week, and some more adventures in the works.

Where will Quoll turn up next?

What should we name this dear creature?  Quin, Quigley or Quade?

Any other suggestions?

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Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

3 thoughts on “Quoll at Mary Ryans

  1. Where will Quoll turn up next? That would be the Sequel Quoll!
    I do like alliteration, but I’m not sure about any of those choices. I think a two-syllable name may work best, therefore Quigley. What about Quentin? Rhymes are also good, like Col Quoll (Colin Quoll). Or Tran Quoll, for a silly word play. Will think on it if you’re seriously after ideas. 🙂


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