A Day with a Song Writer – Saturday Writing Sagas

Melinda – By June Perkins

So a break from ebooks for this week, and a break from home on Friday to spend a day listening to some of the original songs of Melinda Irvine and working on the art of portrait photography.

Melinda was doing her best to forget the camera was in my hand as she played sitting at her favourite door/window. The light was amazing, dappling across her face and the guitar. It was like observing someone meditating through their songs and music. At first Melinda was  aware of the camera, but gradually as we spoke between songs she was able to just be natural and just think of her music.

How had this day come about?

I asked if anyone of my friends wanted or knew someone needing portraits of an intuitive kind done who would let me practice on them for my folio work, and also to prepare some entries for competitions. I was keen to give my dear children a break from mum the photographer, and create some new and interesting portraits.

In the Moment – June Perkins

So here I was in Mel’s tranquil creative space.  Filled with birds, her garden and music.  We had a brilliant talk that I will never forget. Mel told me about the many hours she spends practicing, and the time she is devoting to mastering the guitar.

She shared stories about travels, childhood in Nambucca heads, song writing, the creative process.  Hmm perhaps I should have had my video with me to do an interview, maybe next time?

Going through the portraits now I see
a woman at one with her guitar
striving for a song to move the hearts
to understand prejudices in our world

Fingernails painted to match her guitar
appreciating each day at it arrives
seeing the past with fresh insights
painting the world in song . . .

Flowers at Melinda’s – June Perkins

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

2 thoughts on “A Day with a Song Writer – Saturday Writing Sagas

  1. June, this is lovely. She gave you a gift, and you’ve given her one in return. May I ask a slightly unrelated question? What is the difference between your Unity’s Garden blog and Pearlz Dreaming?


  2. Unity’s Garden I just put samples from all my blogs and Pearlz Dreaming is my regular space more journalling. I have one for stories as well northern gal which I am putting short family stories now as a collection.


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