June Perkins – Artist Statement

Only one week to go to Illumine. Here is my Artist Statement.

Be Illumined

Image By June Perkins – Nature is the Embodiment of the Maker

Artist Statement

June Perkins is a multi-arts creative who combines, poetry, blogging, photography, story, memoir, and more to explore the themes that interest her – childhood, youth, peace, ecology, spirituality, environment, cultural diversity, resilience and empowerment.

She creates her work to engage, empower and uplift.  In this exhibition she explores the theme ‘Illumination’ on a variety of levels.

She has been influenced in her work by her children, family, Queensland, extended family, Papua New Guinean Indigenous culture, the Australian cultural and physical landscape, and environmental writers such as Rachel Carson.

Her poetic influences include Maya Angelou, Judith Wright and Oodgeroo, Dylan Thomas, the writings of Baha’u’llah, and many global Indigenous writers who all write in a way she finds heart felt and rhythmic.   She loves Spike Milligan, Shirley Hughes, Pam Ayres and Roald Dahl.

She creates her works…

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