Dr June Perkins is a creativity mentor and author, empowering multicultural individuals, families and communities through lyrical and powerful multi-arts stories: fiction, non-fiction, and those which are sometimes a bit of both.

Working, individually and collaboratively with individuals, institutions and other artists: she encourages reflection on the themes of: unity in diversity, the common ground, multicultural identities, and belonging, so as to build the capacity of readers, collaborators and creatives to identify their connections to each other.

She is a lyrical and compassionate  writer of Indigenous Papua New Guinean and Australian background with extensive experience in conducting creative writing and intercultural understanding workshops  within community settings and in tutoring and mentoring primary school, high school and tertiary writers.

For the past fourteen years she has been implementing her research on ’empowerment through writing and creativity’ (Doctorate from the University of Sydney) into designing and mobilising increasingly complex practical cross arts and interactive projects which empower communities and individuals to deal with challenges they might have, working from their strengths and increasing their capacity. Her work is based on models of participatory action theory combined with intercultural sensitivity and experiential knowledge.

In 2016 June won an ASA writing mentorship for picture books and successfully crowd funded and published Magic Fish Dreaming, a poetry book for children and the young at heart. In 2017 she won several Royal Dragon Fly Awards for Magic Fish Dreaming.

Her work has been published in a huge variety of spaces, including the now retired but brilliant ABC Open. She is working hard towards more publication breakthroughs, with several projects in progress.



Australian Children’s Poetry

Australian Society of Authors

Write Links 

Just Write For Kids

Creative Kids Tales  


You can find interviews here:

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You can find June on  Twitter    Facebook    Vimeo    Pinterest

She is a regular photographic contributor to Nineteen Months.

Visit her website to find out more  June Perkins

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  1. Thanks Mim. The beauty of the cyberworld is finding connections of place, art, memory. I love working across media – each inspiring the other. I began writing poems as a young girl in Tasmania encouraged by teachers and the Tasmanian poetry festival.

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