PiBoIdMo Day 2: Josh Funk Dares You to Do Your Worst (plus prizes!)

Hilarious – break all the rules – think of the worst thing you could write. Now that could be fun! Thanks for this fun post, and what lovely swag sets.

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

Josh Funk Head Shotby Josh Funk

I know it’s only Day 2, but I want you to get all your BAD ideas out today. I want you to think of THE WORST idea you can.

Right now.

What would NOT make a good children’s book?

Maybe it has a horrible lesson.

It could be something completely unappealing to kids.

Or perhaps something adults will hate to read over and over and over again.

Make sure to think of something seriously flawed.

Okay. Have you got one?

Now let’s find a way to make it work—cause it’s bound to be unique and amazing.

A baby with a mustache? That’s absurd. Who would publish that?
Clarion. That’s who.

A vegetarian vampire? Not a chance!
Or maybe…

A canine with intestinal problems? Potty humor is just for adult novelty books …
… and children with a sense of humor!

In fact, a book about a paranoid…

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