Blog Break: Missing in Creative Action

Sorry I won’t be able to blog as much a while. There’s so many projects to catch up on and I have to prioritise. Today I was out teaching my daughter to take photographs. She took this portrait of me. Here she is learning about the camera and using the manual focus. She became creativeContinue reading “Blog Break: Missing in Creative Action”

One of 100 Faces

Today I was thrilled to have a portrait selected to be one of 100 representing ABC Open contributors at the Tweed River Art Gallery! The exhibition of 100 Faces from SNAPPED: FACES is a partnership between Tweed River Art Gallery and ABC Open. The Gallery will  be exhibiting our portraits during the Olive Cotton Award exhibition. ThisContinue reading “One of 100 Faces”

A man, a guitar, country songs: quest for portraits

Bob Elliston asked if I could do some portrait shots for him.   We met at Song Trails last year, where I was the workshop photographer and fellow songwriter participant. Bob is the President of the Yungaburra Folk Festival and music has been his lifelong passion.  He has played in several bands and groups.  IContinue reading “A man, a guitar, country songs: quest for portraits”

Images of Cardwell

I’ve just been looking through some old photographs and found some enchanting memories of trips to Cardwell, just down the road.  It is under going lots of restoration and change. I miss how it was before Yasi. Before the cyclone it had some beautiful trees, covered in flowers, and there for the climbing. I rememberContinue reading “Images of Cardwell”

Don’t Pass By

Whenever I see something like this whilst we are driving, I either stop the car or ask the dear driver, which would be hubby, to stop. I can’t help it!  How can you pass by opportunities like this? Well of course the highway has to have a safe stopping spot or you can’t contemplate it.Continue reading “Don’t Pass By”